The main functions of the control of an electric motor are: starting, stopping, direction of rotation, speed regulation, starting current limitation, mechanical protection, electrical protection. We will see details of some of them.
Departure: An engine will only start to rotate when the load moment to be stopped, when stopped, is less than its starting torque.
Shutdown: In certain applications, a rapid deceleration of the motor and the load is required. When the power line motor is switched off, a rotation reversing device with the motor still running is used. Stopping or shutting down the mains motor takes place through a relay preventing it from starting in the opposite direction. In the case of synchronous motors, dynamic braking is used.
Rotation Direction: Most motors (except single-phase motors, such as shaded pole and repulsion motors) can be used in both directions of rotation depending on proper cotrol.
Speed regulation: AC electric motors, other than universal motors, are constant speed machines. There is, however, the possibility of re-connecting the stator coils of an induction motor so as to double the number of poles thus reducing the speed in half.

Learn how to place the electric motor in operation

The electric motor of four-stroke was developed smoothly, because then the durability of the electric motor will be prolonged if the instructions in the manufacturer’s instructions are followed to the letter. The owner’s manual should be read before putting the electric motor in operation for damage and injuries are avoided.

Nuts and bolts must be tightened frequently, as they are fixing the electric motor and its base.

When connecting the electric motor mro supply is suitable to check the position of the throttle is off. If the temperature of the electric motor is high, the choke should not be activated, as this will result in a difficulty for the electric motor to operate.

The electric engine fuel tap must be open and then you need to look up the hose and filter, which can be optional, are filled with gasoline, then this is just pull the cord until you feel the pressure and then give a firm tug to the electric motor to operate.

Electric motor bearings

Electric motor bearings must function free, uniform and silently

When the electric motor does not work, you will not discover the problem if the person staying just facing the electric motor. An electric motor that has been stored for a long time or can not work independently of their appearance.

The first tip to try to discover the electric motor of the problem is to use a simple ohm meter.

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For the electric motor bearings are checked it is necessary that the electric motor is placed on a solid surface. After that, one hand will be over the electric motor and with the aid of the other hand the shaft / rotor must be turned.

If there is any friction indication, scraping or rotor spinning gap is time to get help, because the electric motor rotor must always rotate in free, free and uniformly.

What is a universal electric motor

The universal electric motor disc couplings mro is one that will allow a connection made both in direct current, as well as in alternating current, as the name suggests it is universal. These two forms of connection can occur by the fact that its rotor and its stator are formed by special plates.

In short, this engine is called universal because it will work both with direct current, as well as alternating current. In both cases, the function of this engine is the same as it is to the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy and so he manages to use the machine.

This type of engine can be present in various segments that need this operating principle. The coils wound on the rotor are capable of switching between direct current and alternating current. It is a very common type of engine which has been gaining ground.

Several applications with electric motors

There are several applications with electric motors, but most people have no knowledge about. It is important to have knowledge about the various applications with this engine so that people understand the real importance of this machine is so long in the market.

This machine came to a long time and always bringing benefits. It is used to make the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy and this can be present in a variety of end applications. Here we have some title only for knowledge beyond them we have several others.

The widespread use of these motors l1509t is present in elevators, appliances and even vehicles. From the moment that it converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, their purposes are varied. With time this engine developed enough and today we have various types and models should be chosen according to the purpose of applying for it.

Electric motor only turns electrical energy into mechanical

Electric motor only turns electrical energy into mechanical force because of fundamental physical factors

The electric motor is who performs the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. The electric motor is in small appliances and industrial motors that move tons. The range of electric motor variations has several technical specifications and are high precision, but are controlled electronically by drivers and inverters and are widely used in automotive robots and machines.

The electric motor only turns electrical energy into mechanical force because of fundamental physical factors that are directly related to the magnetic force that has swivel feature inside the electric motor and the induced field that is generated in the rotor.

The DC electric motor comprises a stator and a rotor. The stator has high poles where they are rolled coils forming the magnetic field.

Electric motor can burn motivated by short-circuit the connection, off the groove or the groove

The single-phase electric motor may burn when there is a short-circuit connection or a short circuit in the output slot or a short circuit inside the slot.

When there is a short circuit in the connection means that the electric motor burned because failures occur when applying the insulating material on the electric motor load cells, because the inside of the electric motor has been contaminated or even because the electric motor connection overheated motivated by a bad contact.

Since the short circuit in the output slot or short-circuit within the electric motor of the groove occurred because the enamel which insulates the wire has been applied incorrectly, as the veneer; the insulating material does not efficiently insulates; the inside of the electric motor is contaminated; the lust of power is suffering from rapid oscillation, it may have been the degradation of the insulating material by drying, because the electric motor is operating at high temperature.

Electric motor of high performance has to be up to 8% more economical than normal electric motor

The electric motor of high performance also receives the induction motor name. The application of the electric motor of high performance is made at low voltage which is only 60 Hz and voltages ranging from 1.1 to 90 kW, with 2:04 magnetic poles and they should be classified according to the values that have been declared for their nominal income.

As the electric motor T2535173S consumes high load power, it did as the high-performance electric motors were created. The high-performance electric motor has a high efficiency and its power is also high unlike the common electric motor.

The high performance electric motor tends to be 1% to 8% more efficient depending on the power that the electric motor has and this is translated in the reduction of the electric energy spent by the electric motor brought high yield.